Logging Casing Collar Locator


- The tool is powered by a single power supply and outputs analog signals. It is characterized by stable signal output, high sensitivity, good linearity, small temperature drift and strong adaptability.
- It can be connected to any surface computerized logging system.

Model OSC 971IK 111
Working environment Pressure:70,000,000Pa or less
Working environment Temperature:170deg.C or less
Electronics working voltages:+/-20~100VDC
Electronics Working current:6 +/- 1mA
Electronics Output signal:Analogue signals
Mechanics OD:25mm
Mechanics Length:350mm
Mechanics Zero length:120mm
Mechanics Weight: Approx. 1.7kg
Measuring range 10~180mm
Cables Mono- or multi-conductor armoured logging cable
Logging speed 9~12m/min

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Logging Casing Collar Locator  OSC973IK111
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